I own and have used several types of scopes.  I have 3 Shepherd scopes and would like to take this opportunity to explain to those of you who have not had the opportunity to experience the advantages of the Shepherd, why is has become my hunting choice.  When hunting, normally one has a brief few seconds to make several decisions.  Is the animal what you want, how far is it and where must I place the crosshairs for a clean break him down, killing shot.  Then get ready and shoot. Shepherd scopes eliminate the time consuming effort of dialing up the correct distance.  It’s already dialed up for you.

Let me give you a person experience to emphasize the point.  A few years ago a neighbor went with my wife and I to a ranch in New Mexico on a trophy mule deer hunt.  Most shots there are taken from 250 to 400 yards.  My friend had an excellent weapon mounted with an excellent dial up scope.  He had the focus and range both set on 300 yards.  Upon deciding to check a small canyon he and the rancher jumped from under foot a huge buck.  While my friend focused and redialed the scope the bucked topped out the small gorge and was forever gone.  I stood by and watched thinking, with the Shepherd one could have simply used the 100 crosshairs and would have had plenty of time to get off more than one shot if needed.

Let me say a word about the clarity and the toughness of this scope.  This year I tripped and fell slamming my rifle scope first into the rock hard ground.  To my surprise both scope and mounts held fast.  Test firing from bench at 100 yards revealed 1/2″ low and 1/2″ left.  Two clicks up then two clicks right shot the 1/4″ dot out of the center of bull’s eye.  If you need a reliable, accurate quick action hunting scope, I highly recommend the Shepherd Scope.


I would like to thank Steve for making my day ‘after months’ of waiting for another company to get me a 5-20 Huskemaw scope ‘that they kept saying they would get’ I found Steven’s phone number and that was it…. he had one great customer service and a very personal guy.  I not only found my dream scope I found a new friend.
Thanks again Steve
~ Gil
I called Steve about purchasing a used Leopold rifle scope.  We got talking
and the conversation shifted.  I asked him why he was selling the Leopold
scope.  He continued to tell me all of the advantages of a Shepherd scope.
Pretty soon I was convinced that I needed to look into these scopes.  It all
made sense what he was describing.
I went ahead and purchased the scope for my Remington 22-250
Sendaro.  I have been very happy with it so far, it works as advertised, and
Steve has treated me very well!  I have since called him about
reloading/ballistics questions.  He really knows his stuff, and is very
willing to share his knowledge to his customers.
I’m glad Steve talked me in to a Shepherd scope!Brad

Greetings Steve Firstly let me thank you for the great help and advice that you gave me when trying to determine which scope to put on my new rifle.With me not knowing “modern” scopes and what would be the most suitable I am glad I had you on the phone as your advice and knowledge on the various scopes available and which would be the best option for me, gave me peace of mind in knowing I would be getting the right scope first time instead of having to buy a few before finding the right one for me.

I ended up purchasing the Shepherd V1 scope and all I can say is WOW. What a scope for longer range shooting.I am an ex military sniper and hope to be invited to the Wyoming One Shot in September 2011 and after that I would use my rifle on the range mostly shooting between the 600 to 900 yard ranges so with that in mind I purchased a rifle to be able to do the Wyoming One Shot and then range shooting. I bought a Ruger 77 Hawkeye in 7mm, which was a no-brainer, but trying to marry up a scope that would have the clarity at that range and the ease and speed of use is where your advice really helped.  
My initial thought was how can the one shot sighting in work and further was how could the circles in the scope work for different calibers and the various ranges. Hhmmm Well after my scope was delivered (in a very short time) I went to the range and did the initial shot as described in the booklet that comes with the scope and bang my second shot was one inch high at 100 yards which was human error (mine) and not the rifle or scopes.
I then started to take 5 shots at each 100 yard distance out to 600 yards just to see if the circles in the scope matched the distance for a 7mm and sure enough I was actually having kill shots at 600 yards (8 inch grouping) and this was my first day with a new rifle and new scope.Would I recommend a Shepherd, you betcha !!!! and finding which one is best for you, well I will be calling Steve Boekholder as when we spoke on the phone, his knowledge was extremely helpful and I thank him for steering me to the V1 scope.
He even called me a week after I received the scope to see if I had any mounting issues or any questions after I had used it.Now that’s customer service !!!Now I just need Steve’s advice on a spotting scope and my life will be perfect. Thanks again Steve for all your help


hi all…
i’m now the proud owner of a shepherd scope..i’ve been shooting for about 15-18 years & had many a scope , but none like a shepherd.
a friend recommended steve to me as he helped him choose the right scope for him…i shoot mainly fox’s using a 22-250 so steve advised me that the 310-p1 was the one for me..i’ve had a lot of scopes before but none like this..what really convinced me was steve’s advice & knowledge on the optics & how simple it is to set up..i couldn’t believe that the one shot zero was that easy to do…it does exactly what is says on the box..& the clarity of the optics are absolutely superb…when shooting at night you don’t just want to see the target you want to see whats around it & behind it as well..this scope is brilliant..the range finding circles are class..put the fox into which ever circle fits him & its bye bye mr.fox..i’ve been using this scope for about 2 months now & can honestly say its one of the best scopes i’ve ever used.
i cannot fault it at all..it came with extra packing as i live in ireland..steves help & after service is first class..most sellers don’t care enough to e-mail you to see if all’s going well for you & ask if you have any queries..but not steve..if knowledge & customer service are anything to go by steve is at the top of his class….5/5 stars ratingmartin the happy hunter from ireland  ( i love shooting fox’s )