Simple Gun Holder

Simple Gun Holder With the tough times everyone seems to experiencing there are a few things a person can do to save a buck or two on simple items for your firearms hobby. A simple item that is very useful on any bench is a simple gun holder so you can safely hold a firearm and work on it. Sporting goods stores sell different versions at various prices. Around $30 dollars would be the starting point and I have seen hardwood models as high as $150. Chances are you already have some scrap lumber in your garage that will do the job. A few pieces of 1×6 or 1×8, a jig saw, drywall screws and some adhesive backed felt you can get at any arts and crafts store and you can make your own gun holder in less than ten minutes. To keep this simple, just look at the picture below and make a version of what I have that works for you. Good luck and good shooting. Steve