P2 on CZ550 FS


I just purchased a new CZ550 Mannlicher full stock in .308 Winchester.  The traditional styling of the Mannlicher styled stocks has always intriqued me and now I own one.  Obviously I had to mount an optic on it and the Shepherd P2 was the choice.  The P2’s 14 inch length and 17 ounce weight was a great fit for this cool Bavarian styled rifle.  I know the Mannlicher thing is not for everyone but I really like the styling of these type of rifles.  For true Mannlicher fans the original Mannlicher Schoenauer full stock carbine in 6.5×54 MS is as real as it gets.  The only drawback for the normal person is the $2000-$4000 price tag to own one of these little beauties, not to mention the potential risk of the vintage rifle possibly not shooting well.  That brings us back to the rifle I purchased, for just under $800 I have the styling I want and paired with the Shepherd P2 it is a very nice little package.  Next week I am taking this new setup on a South Texas Hog and Coyote hunt.  I am very excited to test the system out on these two species.  The other .308 I have is absolutely deadly to well past 800 yards with the V2 that is mounted on the rifle.  We’ll keep you posted on how the hog hunt goes next week.   For all your Shepherd needs, please call us at Scopemanstore.com.