Cow Elk Hunt

Went cow elk hunting today.  Problem is I am on crutches, it is 5 degrees above zero and there is ice everywhere.  Not the best “crutch” environment to be in.  The farmer is in need of some elk to be removed from his haystack.  When we arrive at the house we find out that the haystack is about 125 yards from the guest house’s second story balcony.  That is where the shot is going to be made from.  My elk rifle is a 7mm Remington magnum but I had put some new bases on the rifle and due to the hip had not had a chance to sight the rifle in.  I happened to take a Remington Model 600 in .350 Rem Mag, the only problem is that the 350 is a 225 yard rifle with the 1.5×5 dangerous game scope on it due to the drop of the 250 gr bullet much past 225 yards.  The field past the haystack was about 450 yards long and I felt extremely under scoped without my usual Shepherd V1 on top of my 7mm.    From 0 to 600 yards the 7mm with the Shepherd on it will easily hit a pie plate at any of those distances.  Obviously pie plates are much smaller than the vitals on an elk.  I will keep you posted on how the cow hunt ends, the elk had moved off the property before legal shooting hours and we did not score on the first day.  I still have not figured out how I am going to pull the shot off with crutches.