Antelope End Around

I recently had the opportunity to harvest an Antlerless Antelope in Utah. Each year the State has a draw program for Antlerless tags and after a few years of applying I was lucky enough to draw a tag on the very large Deseret Ranch. The Deseret Ranch is a Cooperative Wildlife Management Unit that is quite large and has varied terrain. During the hunt I quickly located and started to stalk a small group of does. The first stalk did not work and they gave me the slip. Due to the road system configuration I was able to make a large circle and drive around to the other side of where I lost the four doe. After some glassing, I was able to locate the group that was now being pushed by a buck. As I watched this group of antelope I realized that they were making a large circle from the spot that I originally saw them. They knew I was pushing them but they were not panicked and the closest I was able to get to them was about 650 yards. The terrain this happened in was a large valley with rolling hills. Not necessarily the classic open plain antelope country one might be accustomed to. After further review I decided that packing an animal out of the valley due to no road could be a bit problematic. I decided to find another antelope. As I continued on, it did not take long to locate another group of about fifteen antelope. I actually spooked this group that was feeding in the bottom of a small valley covered in grass. The hills on either side of the valley were sagebrush. I attempted a stalk on this group but at about 400 yards they bolted up the hill to the left. There was a shot for a brief period but I did not feel comfortable with the scenario and chose not to shoot, the group then disappeared. I Report on Animals, Page 2 September 16, 2016 continued down the valley in the truck, turned the truck around and within about 5 minutes the group that had spooked was in the exact same spot I had initially spotted them. This is where a good shot presented itself and I harvested the doe at 352 yards. The moral of this short story is that when a group of antelope is spooked, especially in hilly country there is a good possibility if you stay where you are and sit down, in a short period of time they may run right past you, be patient you never know what may happen.