About Us

More than a dealer we are also avid users of both products and extremely knowledgeable when it comes to helping you out with your situation, wants, needs and goals.  Not sure what to buy? Call us.  When you order from Scopemanstore you are getting more than just a scope in the mail.  You are getting service, support and help.   A lot of people have questions.  We have answers.  We have helped all of our customers and would love to help you. 

Scopemanstore.com is the largest stocking dealer of Shepherd Rifle Scopes  and Huskemaw Scopes in the United States we have Scopes Ready to Ship Now.

We are active shooter’s of the product, when you have a question regarding the product we have actually used the product extensively, we “get it”.  We are much more knowledgeable about our product than the average sporting goods store optics counter salesperson, they sell through what has been marketed to them to sell.  We sell the finest and easiest product that actually works on the market.

Many dealers use the drop ship and backorder method as their primary means of servicing customers.  Scopemanstore.com stocks it.

In order to be good at anything you have to know what you are doing.  Extensive study of ballistics charts and rifle cartridges of many different calibers has given us a very complete understanding of rifle ballistics.  This understanding puts us at a much higher level of knowledge than the average gun store scope salesperson.  Because of this, Shepherd Enterprises uses us frequently as a technical advisor in terms of some of the more difficult ballistics and technical questions customers may have.  We shoot the product and know how the product works.  We take great pride in customer service.

We love to shoot!  Over the last several years selling Scopes has given us the opportunity to actually build friendships with many of our customers.  We tell each client if there is any question please call and we can help them through the question quickly and efficiently.  Building lasting relationships with our clients is really what we are interested in doing.  Two large portions of our business are repeat customers and referrals from those customers to their friends.

Contact Information:  Phone 801-301-0779