800 yard whitetail in Texas

Recently I followed up with a customer in Texas who a few months ago had purchased a Shepherd P2 from Scopemanstore.com.  He mounted the scope on a Remington 700 SPS AAC-SD chambered in .308 Win.  Obviously I wanted to see how the customer liked the scope and if it was working as he felt it should.  The next few minutes even had me doing cartwheels.  The short story version is that he had two tags to fill on whitetail deer somewhere around the San Antonio area.  The first buck he spotted, ranged it with the rangefinding feature in his Shepherd, determined the buck was about 500 yards, bracketed the buck with the 500 yard ring and squeezed the trigger.  The buck was hit through the vitals with a 168 gr Hornady factory load and dropped where it stood.  The second tag was filled much the same way as the first, however this time the buck was ranged in the Shepherd and the hunter determined the deer to be approximately 800 yards away.  Once again the customer bracketed the 800 yard buck with the 8 ring in his Shepherd scope, took the shot and the buck dropped in its tracks.  Twenty minutes later (it takes awhile to walk 800 yards through the brush) the hunter came upon his deer.  The same factory Hornady 168 gr cartridge was used and the animal had both entrance and exit wounds which is a true testament to the effectiveness of the Shepherd scope as well as the quality of the Hornady product used to harvest the bucks.  Check out a full line of Shepherd products at Scopemanstore.com.